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Mapping the different national rules for the promotion of European works – Study of the European Audiovisual Observatory commissioned by the EFADs

In May 2018, the EFADs have commissioned the European Audiovisual Observatory to carry out a study providing an overview of the various measures aimed at promoting European film and TV programmes in Europe with the objective of supporting member states in the transposition process of the revised Audiovisual Media Services Directive.

The study was published on 27 February 2019 and covers the 31 EFADs countries (EU-28 plus Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) .

The mapping shows a range of different obligations, such as:

  • financial investment obligations by broadcasters in the vast majority of the cases (26 out of 31);
  • financial investment obligations by VoD services and distributors (in 10 out of 31 cases);
  • levies imposed on linear (in 11 out of 31 cases), VoD services (in 7 countries) as well as on other players in the audiovisual industry such as cinema exhibitors.
  • quota obligations on broadcasters (in all 31 cases);
  • quotas on VOD services (in 13 countries) ;
  • obligations on VOD services to give prominence to EU works (in 10 out of 31 cases);
  • measures to support independent productions.

The full report (471 pages) is accessible here, for free: https://rm.coe.int/european-works-mapping/16809333a5

Presentation summarising the main findings: European works mapping – EFADs -SeriesMania – March 2019-FINAL (1)