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Danish Film Institute – Denmark


Danish Film Institute
Web Site : www.dfi.dk

The Danish Film Institute (DFI) is a government body under the Ministry of Culture and operates in accordance with the Film Act of 1997. DFI is Denmark’s national agency for film and cinema culture.
DFI allocates subsidies for the development, production and distribution of Danish films as well as international co-productions. Support programmes also include film education and international promotion. The DFI archives include a library, a stills & posters archive and a film archive, and the DFI also runs the Filmhouse open to the public, including the Cinematheque and its three cinemas, a videotheque, restaurant and a film lab for children, FILM-X.
An important task of the DFI is to provide a framework for film funding which promotes diversity and risk-willingness in the film industry. We do this by offering many gateways to production support, highlighting talent development and keeping a sharp eye on new digital platforms. The DFI supports the production of 25 feature films and 25-30 documentary and short films every year. There are three kinds of support for film production: the film commissioner scheme, the market scheme and the talent development scheme at New Danish Screen. A cornerstone of Danish film policy is to fund children and youth films to which 25 percent of all subsidies are allocated.
Moreover, DFI supports the development and production of video games as well as public service drama series and documentary programs for commercial television broadcasting.
Finally, media literacy is an important part of the DFI portfolio through our department for Children and Youth and the secretariat for the Danish Media Council for Children and Young People.