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The Federal Office of Culture (FOC) – Switzerland


The Federal Office of Culture (FOC)
Web Site : http://www.bak.admin.ch/film/index.html?lang=de

The Federal Office of Culture (FOC) promotes the cultural life in its diversity and assures its independent development. It belongs to the Swiss Federal Department of the Interior. Among other tasks, the FOC supports creative activity. It also drafts the federal cultural policy. Please note, that support programs hereafter are indicated in German but also have official names in French and Italian which are three of the four official languages of Switzerland.

The Federal Office of Culture has several goals. It supports creative activity, e.g. in the fields of film, fine arts, design, theatre, dance and literature. It also promotes and supports the training of Swiss citizens, is committed to the concerns of the various linguistic and cultural communities, protects the interests of the townscape protection, historic preservation and archeology as well as drafts the federal cultural policy.

Ivo Kummer, Head of the Film department at the Federal Office of Culture

Federal Office of Culture, Film department, Hallwylstrasse 15, 3001 Berne, Switzerland

Laurent Steiert (Deputy of the Film department)
Susa Katz (Responsable Film Funding)
Nicole Greuter (Responsable Film Culture)