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Hungarian National Film Fund – Magyar Nemzeti Filmalap – Hungary

Hungarian National Film Fund – Magyar Nemzeti Filmalap
www.filmfund.hu (en)
www.filmalap.hu (hu)


The Hungarian National Film Fund (MNF) is the public film funding organization of Hungary. The fund is a public institution governed by Hungarian law and its activities are regulated according to the Motion Picture Act (II) of 2004.
The fund’s main purpose is to support the production and distribution of Hungarian films and co-productions that provide art and entertainment for moviegoers and achieving significant success both domestically and internationally. It also focuses on the development of the national film industry and represents Hungary at international film forums.
The Hungarian National Film Fund was founded in 2011. The chief executive of the fund is Ágnes Havas, who was appointed by the government. The financing for the fund is automatically derived from the tax revenue earned by the no.6 National Lottery.
The fund’s budget for 2015 is HUF 5.1 billion (EUR 16 million).
As of the end of January 2015, the fund has granted production funding for 39 projects, including 14 international co-productions, 11 debut features and 6 documentaries, and more than 100 projects got developement support.