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Slovak Audiovisual Fund – Slovakia


Slovak Audiovisual Fund / Audiovizuálny fond
Web Site : www.avf.sk

The Slovak Audiovisual Fund, operating since 2010, is the main public funding institution for the Slovak film culture and industry. The aim of the Fund is to support the entire film value chain – development, production, distribution and promotion of audiovisual works, festivals, research, training activities, publishing, cinema modernisation, innovations and technologies. Recipient of financing from the Fund shall be individual or legal entity registered in the Slovak Republic.

Finances of the Fund are based on the combination of state budget subsidies (60%) and contributions by subjects using audiovisual works – TV channels, cinema operators, distributors, retransmission providers.

Average total support provided per year is 6.5 mil. €. Breakdown of support activities: development and production (74%), distribution and promotion (6.5%), festivals (7.5%), cinemas (9%), other activities (3%).

Since 2014 the Fund has opened a new program for audiovisual industry support, based on 20% cash rebate of certified expenses spent for audiovisual production in the Slovak Republic. Expenses should be paid for production of film, TV serial or slate funding.

Forms of support: grants, loans, scholarships, cash-rebate.

Contact: prof. Martin Smatlak, executive director, +4212 59234545, martin.smatlak@avf.sk


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