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17/11/2017 A transparent ecosystem with fair remuneration
for authors and performers
20/10/2017 Magdalena Sroka steps down as Director of the Polish Film Institute pdf
28/09/2017 EFADs-CAACI statement and 2nd Co-Development Grant highlight the importance of strengthening Euro-Latino collaboration pdf
22/05/2017 European film agency directors call on the Europe Commission, Parliament and Council to promote and preserve cultural diversity and territoriality pdf
23/02/2017 The EFADs praise Hrvoje Hribar contribution to Croatian and European film as Director of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre pdf
19/01/2017 Busting the Myths Behind Article 13 of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive Review pdf
21/11/2016 EFADs Press Release on the Country of Origin Principle for catch-up TV pdf
17/10/2016 EFADs AVMS Directive FAQ on the Country of Origin principle and financial contributions pdf
10/10/2016 EFADs Press release on Creative Europe and MEDIA sub-programme pdf
26/09/2016 EFADs press release on EFAD-CAACI meeting at the 64th edition of the San Sebastian Festival pdf
21/09/2016 EFADs Press release on EFADs General Assembly meets in San Sebastian and re-electsion of Peter Dinges as president pdf
15/09/2016 EFADs Press release on EU copyright proposals pdf
12/08/2016 EFADs Press release on EFADs and CAACI launch Europe-Latin America Co-Production Grant at the San Sebastian Film Festival pdf
03/08/2016 EFADs Press release on EFADs position paper on the AVMS Directive pdf
25/05/2016 EFADs Press release on European Film Agency comment on AVMS Directive pdf
04/05/2016 EFADs Press release on Samuel Young’s appointment as EFAD’s new Secretary General pdf
15/03/2016 EFADs-CAACI High Level Meeting, Toulouse – 15-16 March 2016
15/12/2016 EFADs Press release regarding the EC proposal for a regulation on portability and Communication on the future of the European copyright framework pdf
20/05/2015 EFADs Press release on the opportunities and challenges for film in the digital age pdf
06/05/2015 EFADs press release on Digital Single Market Strategy pdf
16/03/2015 EFADs Resolution on the Potential Reforms to European Union copyright rules pdf
16/03/2015 Communiqué de presse sur la résolution des EFADs sur les réformes potentielles de règles européennes du droit d’auteur pdf
10/02/2015 The European Film Agencies set up a Brussels-based Association to support an active dialogue with EU institutions pdf
05/2008 Les centres nationaux du cinéma se sont félicités de l’annonce par la Commissaire européenne Viviane Reding pdf