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Samuel Young appointed as EFADs’ new Secretary General

Sam Young Photo

The European Film Agency Directors Association (EFADs) is pleased to announce that Samuel Young has been appointed as the new Secretary General. Samuel joins the EFADs from the International Federation of Film Distributors Associations, where he held the position of Policy Adviser for over three years. Previously he also worked with the television, publishing and advertising sectors.

Announcing the change, Peter Dinges, President of EFADs expressed his confidence in the appointment: « I am very pleased to welcome Samuel as Secretary General and we look forward to working with him to steer the EFADs. He brings a unique expertise to the table, being not only experienced in the workings of EU affairs and association management but also having a good knowledge of the audiovisual industry. We are certain Samuel will give us a convincing and widely heard and acknowledged voice.”

Samuel said: “I am delighted to be joining EFADs and look forward to working hand-in-hand with EFADs’ members, industry stakeholders and the European institutions, particularly in this challenging and exciting time. The film agencies play an important role in financing the audiovisual sector and advising policy-makers on audiovisual policy, and it is crucial that their voice is heard in Europe.”

Samuel and EFADs members will be in Cannes this year where they will hold their plenary meeting on Sunday 15th May and a roundtable on how to foster online distribution of European works across the EU on Tuesday 17th May. The roundtable is co-organised with the European Commission in the framework of the European Film Forum.


You can find this press release here